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Roy Choi

Chef Roy Choi is best known for his great take on food fusions.

You may be familiar with his Mexican/Korean gourmet food truck, Kogi.

He loves to highlight and remix the delicious flavors from different cuisines elevating and making food accessible for all.

Roy’s work and recipes speak for itself.

Who else thinks to put short ribs and kimchi on tacos and burritos?

Or cheese on ramen?

His recipes have also been featured in the New York Times!

That’s why TSUMo Snacks partnered with Chef Roy Choi on his first line of cannabis infused edibles.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

TSUMo Snacks x Roy Choi Spaghetti Meatballs flavor

Not your mom’s spaghetti, these Roy Choi-crafted puffs capture all the umami of a banging spaghetti dish, with just the right hit of THC to elevate your meal.

Spicy Cheesy Ramen

TSUMo Snacks x Roy Choi Spicy Cheesy Ramen flavor

Craveable cheesy puffs pack a chef-crafted, full range of flavor — and THC, duh — to rock your world. 

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Roy Choi Recipes & Articles

Roi Choi Breakfast Burrito

Wake & Bake Breakfast Burritos

Roy Choi’s Breakfast Burritos are a flavorful and satisfying meal perfect for breakfast or brunch. This fusion recipe combines classic Mexican and American elements for a tasty twist.

Roy Choi Munchie Milkshake

Munchie Milkshake

Munchie Milkshake is a delicious and versatile treat created by Roy Choi, perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings while highlighting fresh strawberries and your favorite ice cream.

Roy Choi Fried Rice

Nobody Hates Fried Rice

A delicious and easy fried rice recipe created by Chef Roy Choi, featuring simple ingredients and versatile flavors.

TSUMo Snacks x Roi Choi
Roy Choi

Roy Choi’s Edibles Consumption Guide for Beginners

Chef Roy Choi’s edibles guide for beginners covers types, safe consumption tips, and dosing advice. Explore a discreet, flavorful, smoke-free way to enjoy cannabis while minimizing negative side effects.

Roy Choi TSUMo Snacks Chicken Parm

Flyin’ High Chicken Parm

Flyin’ High Chicken Parm creatively incorporates Roy Choi’s Spaghetti + Meatballs puff balls for a unique twist on a classic Italian-American dish.

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TSUMo Snacks x Roi Choi