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TSUMo’s Favorite Edibles Memes

Have you ever had a case of giggles that left your cheeks hurting afterward? Most people that enjoy cannabis edibles can probably relate. There’s just something about getting high that’s, well, hilarious. And it makes everything funny somehow become even funnier. That’s why we collected some of our favorite edibles memes to entertain you the next time you’re munching away on some THC-infused snacks.

Cannabis & Laughter

What is it about cannabis that encourages so much laughter? As it turns out, laughter is a reflex. We respond to things we see and feel, which often happens spontaneously. Cannabis alters our senses, making it easier to trigger bouts of laughter. When we consume cannabis, our brains release more dopamine. That feel-good neurotransmitter makes it easier to trigger our laughter reflex, making everything have a much more comical tone when slightly stoned.  

Laughter is also contagious, so once someone starts laughing, the whole group gets going, and soon tears are spilling down cheeks, and you just can’t stop. This is the giggle fits, and it’s honestly one of the most fun parts of eating edibles. Just be careful not to eat too many edibles, because that’s usually not as fun.

The Greatest Edible Memes

Get ready to chuckle with these hilarious edibles memes geared toward edible consumers. If you know, you know. If you don’t, try out some TSUMo Snacks and get those laugh triggers ready to go. 



Sorry, can you repeat that?

edible meme







No, mom, I’m just resting my eyes.






It’s fine. I’m fine.







Call your mom, not the cops.





Hmmm….sounds boring.





No one has ever died from cannabis, and you probably won’t be the first!









You look great bud; nothing to worry about.



Can I get an extra seatbelt, please?






Yeah, so I’m gonna be a little late to work today, boss.







What he said. Stick to the edibles.








It was great, but now I’m hungry.







At least you weren’t blind?!








Seems like we should have been there by now.







Hold. On. To. The. Grass.






Rule #1: Always wait for the first dose to kick in.




Get the Giggles With TSUMo

If you’re not laughing yet, might we suggest some TSUMO Snacks? We’ve got zesty, salty, crunchy THC-infused snacks to get the giggles going anytime you want a good laugh. Try out our Zesty Ranch mini tortilla rounds, or chomp on some Cheese Crunchers to get a dose of THC. Shop TSUMo online, and you don’t have to leave the house. All of your favorite flavors are delivered right to your door. Let the great giggle fest begin!


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