Your Complete Guide to Weed & THC Edibles

Your Complete Guide to Cannabis & THC Edibles

One of the best things about cannabis is that it truly offers something for everyone. Whether you are using it recreationally or medicinally, or perhaps to inspire creativity, there is a form factor perfectly suited to match your lifestyle. Although shopping for edibles can be a little bit intimidating, we’re here to guide you through the types of edibles at dispensaries, and how to figure out edible dosage. Before you know it, you’ll be snacking on your new favorite THC edibles.

Introduction to Edibles

Cannabis edibles are a fun way to enjoy cannabis if you don’t necessarily like smoking or vaping. They are also a great way to enjoy a longer-lasting high. Because edibles are processed through the digestive system, they take a little longer to kick in, but they usually last hours longer than smoking and vaping. In addition to the way our bodies process THC edibles, the dosage plays a huge role in how long the high will last.

How to Find Your Edible Dosage

You’ve probably heard someone tell a story about eating cannabis edibles and getting entirely too high. Maybe even scary high. Perhaps it’s happened to you and now you’re feeling a little hesitant to try them again. Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for everyone to find their perfect edible dosage.

We each have our own unique endocannabinoid system (ECS) that works with cannabinoids to help regulate bodily functions like sleep, mood, hormones, digestion, temperature, and more. Yeah, those are some pretty important parts of being human. Not only does the ECS create its own cannabinoids, but it works harmoniously with the ones found in cannabis.

So, just as our personal DNA is entirely unique to us, our ECS is also very unique. A group of friends might share the same joint, but each person may have an entirely different experience. That’s why it’s so important to experiment with cannabis and learn how it works for you. Cannabis edibles are a way to enjoy cannabis, and we encourage you to give them a try if you’re curious.

The key is to start very small and give the edibles enough time to kick in before consuming more. If you are new to cannabis edibles, start with 5 mg THC or even less. Effects might kick in within 20-30 minutes, and take full effect within 90 minutes to two hours. The high can often last between four to six hours, so if you’ve taken too much, that’s a long time to be quite uncomfortable. See below for tips and tricks on eating edibles.

Types of Edibles

Once upon a time, it seemed like the only types of THC edibles were cannabis brownies. Fortunately, we’ve evolved to include many items on dispensary shelves for consumers to choose from. Here are some of the top categories.

Salty THC Edibles

Salty snack lovers rejoice! Savory edibles are few and far between, so when you find one in a flavor you love, stock up. Some people even believe that munchable, crunchable THC edibles are the best kind (okay, it’s us, we believe that). And so, we’ve created a line of super crunchy, salty, savory snacks infused with 10 mg THC per bag.

Hint of Lime , Salsa Verde ,  and Zesty Ranch mini tortilla rounds are bursting with flavor on their own, but just imagine how tasty these treats might be with a little bit of guacamole or salsa. You also might like our Fiery Hot cheese crunchers if you favor bold flavors.

There’s only one drawback to salty THC edibles—they’re too good! Go slow and remember that you can always eat, but you can’t eat less.

Sweet THC Edibles

Sweet tooths are like kids in a candy store when they step into a dispensary. And we do mean adults because of course we don’t encourage kids to eat cannabis edibles, but you get the point.

If sugary sweets are your jam, there is no shortage of edibles for you to choose from. The most popular form factor is a cannabis gummy. Gummies are easy to make and infuse with cannabis, and because they are usually bite-size, it’s pretty straightforward to estimate your edible dosage. You will find gummies in just about every fruit flavor under the sun, and you might even find some pretty interesting combinations out there.

Another popular way to eat your cannabis is inside a chocolate bar. Chocolate is familiar, decadent, and oh so delicious. Cannabis oils melt into chocolate effortlessly, and with molds that make it easy to dose, you can find the right dosage for you every time.

There is no shortage of cookies, cakes, brownies, and even macaroons infused with cannabis if you enjoy baked goods. Pastry chefs and bakers love infusing THC into their creations for you to enjoy. If you like to bake, many dispensaries sell infused butter and oil so you can craft your own edibles at home.

If none of these tickle your fancy, you can also try taffy, caramels, mints, and even THC-infused chewing gum.

Tasty THC Beverages

Cannabis drinks have taken off in recent years. The sky’s the limit when perusing a beverage cooler at a dispensary. Love lemonade? You’ll find some with cannabis in it. Prefer sparkling tonic water? You can have that, too. From cold-brewed coffee to root beer, ginger ale, and kombucha, cannabis drinks are a fun way to drink your THC.

Where to Buy THC Edibles

We’ve made it easy for you to find THC edibles for sale near you.

California customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area can order THC edibles for delivery .

Others can use our dynamic store locator to find THC edibles near you .

Word to the Wise

We talked about finding your dosage, and it’s going to take a little practice to fine-tune your perfect portions. However, should you end up consuming more than you are comfortable with, remember that you are just high and it won’t last forever. Drink a cold beverage, stretch your body, take a hot shower, and focus on your breathing. Any of these tips can help you through the tense part of a high.

Cannabis edibles are a great way to enjoy THC and with so many options at the dispensary, it can be a little overwhelming. Hopefully you are excited to try new things and find what you like best. Maybe you like them all and prefer a salty snack before dinner with a sweet treat for dessert. Whatever you decide, take your time and enjoy the ride.

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